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Friends of the Sunnyvale Library

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Visit our LOBBY BOOK SALE inside the Sunnyvale Library for great buys on LIKE NEW books for all ages.

  • Books are available for purchase EVERY DAY, whenever the library is open, not just on special sale days
  • Most books are GIFT QUALITY
  • Most prices are a small fraction of the original cover price
  • The selection is refilled daily
  • All proceeds from our book sales go to library programs and collections - the Friends is an all-volunteer organization

Buy books at our special sales!

Our current sale schedule is below. All sales are at the Sunnyvale Library (665 W. Olive, Sunnyvale, California 94086).

Our book sale policies, procedures, and general info are at the bottom of this page.

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Book Sale Calendar

Note that all of our Sunday sales are bag sales, where you purchase a large shopping bag from us for $5 and fill it with whatever books you like!


☉ Saturday, November 15: 10am to 3pm (members only: 9 to 10am)
☉ Sunday, November 16: $5 bag sale, noon to 3pm


☉ Saturday, January 10: 10am to 3pm (members only: 9 to 10am)
☉ Sunday, January 11: $5 bag sale, noon to 3pm

☉ Saturday, March 14: 10am to 3pm (members only: 9 to 10am)
☉ Sunday, March 15: $5 bag sale, noon to 3pm

☉ Saturday, May 16: 10am to 3pm (members only: 9 to 10am)
☉ Sunday, May 17: $5 bag sale, noon to 3pm

☉ Saturday, July 25: 10am to 3pm (members only: 9 to 10am)
☉ Sunday, July 26: $5 bag sale, noon to 3pm

☉ Saturday, September 19: 10am to 3pm (members only: 9 to 10am)
☉ Sunday, September 20: $5 bag sale, noon to 3pm

☉ Saturday, November 21: 10am to 3pm (members only: 9 to 10am)
☉ Sunday, November 22: $5 bag sale, noon to 3pm

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Book Sale Policies/Procedures:

  • You may go through the line as often as you like and may purchase up to 20 items each time.
  • No stacking or hoarding - please carry your purchases with you. Books left unattended will be returned to their sale categories.
  • Take your purchases to the 'tally table' where a volunteer will add them up, then take the 'tally slip' to the cashier table to pay.
  • During bag sales, books are not sold individually - you purchase a grocery bag from us, then fill it up with whatever you want!
  • Please remember that everyone working at the sale is a volunteer!

General Info About Our Book Sales:

Our inventory depends on donations, but we typically have a large selection of excellent books in all major categories - computer/technology, fiction, literature, children's books, health, history, art, reference, etc. Book dealers are welcome!

We always have DVDs and CDs; we always have hundreds of paperbacks and we usually have a very large foreign language selection.

Our sales take place inside the library Program Room. To get there, go to the right immediately after coming in the library entrance door.

Members of the Friends get into most Saturday sales at 9am, an hour before the sale officially begins (and an hour before the library actually opens). Membership is only $5 per year for individuals or $10/year for a family, and you can join on the spot at every sale to get in immediately! Note: members can easily get into our book sales during the "members only" hour even without a membership card -- just check in with the membership volunteer at the sale entrance.

The Friends of the Sunnyvale Library is a 100% volunteer organization. All proceeds from our sales benefit the Sunnyvale Library. Your purchases help pay for adult and children's programs and many library improvements that would not otherwise be able to be made.